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Flora Kung is a creative artist, textile designer, fashion designer, thinker, a storyteller and writer-director of short films whose work represents her way of translating the creative energy of the unseen, imaginary world into something tangible in the real world.

Born and raised on the island of Taiwan from an illustrious family of Northern China, Flora first wanted to become a Chinese novelist or a ballet dancer. However, her focus shifted when she went to New York for high school, then moved to Paris after studying Design at Parsons. In Paris and barely twenty, she freelanced for several Prêt-à-Porter houses before landing the job as assistant to then-fashion icon, Emmanuelle Khanh.

Regardless of the medium, Flora’s works inevitably blends the powers of art with all her cultural references, and it is this combination that allows her to connect deeply with others. More accurately, defines her art.

Once back from Paris and started her eponymous fashion brand in New York, Flora’s bold and carefree textile prints on simple silhouettes quickly established her as a marketable Young Designer in the fashion industry in the 80s. Her Dresses, Separates and Luxe Loungewear collections were cherished in four continents. Her sino-franco-american culture immersion was evident whenever she sits down to freehand design textile, then have them hand-screen printed, cut and sewn in South Korea.  Her brand was considered cross-border and worn by royalty and with shop in Harrods in London, and was called Princess of Prints by Bloomingdales. 

In her early thirties, Flora pulled back and retreated to her Idaho ranch, then to Paris for motherhood and family. There, she was called back to pursue writing, which accumulated to making narrative short films. With her second short movie selected into Cannes Short Film Corner, Flora further let emotion and feeling guide her work. Today, Flora is based in New England and has a handful of passion projects. Regardless of how her creativity takes shape, let it be in fashion, in writing or in filmmaking, Flora hopes her her art may serve as the catalyst that enhances at least a brief moment of her audience with something truly original.