Some fun facts. New ones will be added regularly. Feel free to submit questions and we might answer them right here.

  1. Flora has yet been to China. 

    Flora’s maternal grandfather was an admiral in the Chinese Navy and governor of Shangdong Province. But Flora was born in Taiwan and spent her childhood there until high school. She later made many trips to South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan, but has yet to set foot in China. 

  2. The FLORA KUNG brand only existed since 1983. 

    Therefore, all vintage FLORA KUNG started in the 80s.  

  3. Where are they made? 

    All of FLORA KUNG collections have always been printed only in Korea, and over 95% of FLORA KUNG was sewn in Korea, with the rest 3% in China or in Hong Kong through her Korean team. Two later collections were made in France when Flora lived there.